This is us...

We are a group of 8 fun people who love playing fun music to fun audiences.

We're based in the Southampton/Portsmouth area (UK).

We'll make your event a success by playing great songs that leave any audience completely unable to resist dancing.

It's not just about the music, energy and image are really important to us too so you'll get loads of that, as well as a good dose of frolicking about.

The band consist of drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, Saxophone, Trombone, trumpet and of course vocals of many varieties. Horns feature prominently throughout.

Interesting facts:

-Only 12½% of The KazBaas are female.
-The average height of the KazBaas is 69cm (65cm incl. Woolly).
-50% of the KazBaas are related to another KazBaa

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